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The Caucus

The Caucus

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From the very inception of creative writing the caucus of poets and writers decided that every life should revolve around romance. It is a huge game plan to juice up the economics of hormones, creating a deliberate supply and demand chain of fiction that glorifies and blinds the raging hormones and the call for procreation. 

The entire social system and generations are fed and brought up on romance that culminates with ’till death do us apart’. Barely a handful of films are giving any gyan other than managing cupid struck hearts.

Aur bhi gham hain zamane mein mohabbat ke siwa but no, that is not saleable. 

Human romance is the core of stories and films that are built for the most intelligent species of this earth. It is a century-long thread woven in the fabric of humankind and now it has become too strong to be broken.

Highest energy levels, the best time to build intellect, career, social engagements, learning, exploring, earning the means to have a fulfilling life, understanding life skills and being mindful, youth has a lot on their platter. And, nothing is more important than faithful romantic relationships and procreation. This has been propagated by filmy dunia for decades. 

Especially the generation that grew in the 80s and 90s  has been fed with highly traumatising emotional dramas, day in and day out. Back then the  glamour of films was chasing a woman or being chased by a man, settling with or dying for one and the only one. Rest of the pivotal aspects of life were all Khuda ki marzi.

Being faithful is very important but not only to romance. Romance is important but there is a whole world to romance. Nature, woods, words, books and art, canvas is vast and beautiful, working for society, anything and everything that generates passion is romantic. Romance is multidimensional. Why is planning, strategising, working towards larger goals and doing good for this earth and its inhabitants not a saleable concept in the filmdom? 

Films and stories are a beautiful world, away from the scorching realities and it is a gentle reminder that getting scorched is an important life lesson. Let there be beauty in everything that is to be seen and experienced, even the ugliness has a natural perfection. Do not just play by the politics and do not only count the moolah. Film makers, you are big influencers so do something bigger than just hormonal dance on the screen. 

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November 2, 2023

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