Theatrical Drama is a mode of fictional representation through dialogue and performance.  Theatre is performing of drama by actors on a stage before an audience.

The city-state of Athens is where theatre originated. It was part of a broader culture of theatricality and performance in classical Greece that included festivals, politics, law,   musicpoetry.

The early modern tragedy Hamlet  by Shakespeare and the classical Athenian tragedy Oedipus Rex  are among the masterpieces of the art of drama. In India the history of theatre goes back to 15 century BC.  Bharat Muni’s Natya Shastra is the Bible of all performing artists. The names like Kalidas, Munshi Premchand, Tagore and Grish Karnad are some of the celebrated Indian playwrights.

Our theatre workshops are about theatre, drama, plays, sets, scripts, dialogues, dance, music, acting, lights, sound and stage.

Here we practice dramatics purely for entertainment. Creating and making of plays and bringing them on stage. We as a team will build plays for schools, institutes and corporate.


Session Takeaways

  • Learn to be expressive
  • Be spontaneous
  • Improvisation
  • Language improvement
  • Higher emotional quotient

What Will I Learn?

  • Get an in depth understanding of the fundamentals of drawing
  • Learn gesture drawing, line and contour drawing, structural drawing, perspective drawing, portrait drawing and more
  • Learn and apply industry-standard drawing techniques
  • Learn how perspective works and how to incorporate it into your art
  • Gain access to the bonus section where I’ll teach you how to draw animation styled characters
  • Draw everyday objects, people, animals and scenes, using effective techniques

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