Beauty doesn’t automatically imply that you are a good actor or a hero.

Beauty doesn’t automatically imply that you are a good actor or a hero.


“Rakshit, you are so handsome and tall, you must act in movies and plays. Why don’t you try ramp?”.

“Shanaya, such a beautiful girl, the perfect heroine, her hair, height.” etc, etc, etc.

But who is a hero or a heroine? What triggers these adjectives? The looks, face value, jawlines, doe eyes? Let’s break the myth. Looks don’t guarantee you to be a good speaker or a great presenter. You are not a gift to be wrapped in an expensive paper and given away to the audiences.

Beauty doesn’t automatically imply that you are a good actor or a hero. Heroics is much deeper than what meets the eye. Your connection with the audience, your speaking skills, voice modulations, the right body language. What you analyse from the text to be delivered.

Going beyond the given script. Understanding between the lines. Comprehending the audiences and their requirements. Presenting yourself strategically. All this goes into making of a  good and presentable personality.

What we see on stage is just one dimensional, body-shopped version. The actual and complete picture must include the backstage hard work that has gone into building up this audience friendly image.

As it is a well known fact that a toned sculpted body needs hours of workout and loads of sacrifices in terms of our appetite. Similarly, for an intelligent stage presence one must try different gymnastics with our intellect and grey cells.

Reading, observing, imagining, knowing your languages well, correct diction and pronunciation, understanding actions and reacting to them correctly etc. The list is endless. Doing the right walk is a motor skill we can learn. Doing the right talk is an intellectual skill we must learn.  Also, there is a subtext in what I mentioned earlier that good looks are not a guarantee for a great grey matter, similarly beautiful faces are not always dud heads. The key is not being judgemental.

All this sounds so hard and calculative and one may argue, where is the art and the fun of being on stage. Yet, the fact is art needs to be honed and polished to make it shine and shimmer. That’s when a star is born.

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October 23, 2021

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