Why do theatre?

Why do theatre?


Many have asked me and that too quiet often, “why do theatre?” Why so much hard work for no monetary returns and minimal recognition? Someone who has not dared to be on a roller coaster will not relate to the sensation it stirs to be on one.  How do I explain to someone who has never been on stage, the thrill and excitement you experience under the warm spot lights and bright flood lights. It is cathartic to speak out unspoken emotions under the glare of appreciative audiences. But make sure the audience is appreciative because brickbats are not far away.

Dramatics is daring. Not just dramatics, simply being on stage and being able to deliver your mind and thoughts to the unknown faces is exhilarating. You can be the devil and be applauded for it.  You have all the control tabs in your hands. You know which button to press and you make people laugh and what to switch off for them to cry with you. I have seen people in the audience shed tears with me while my character was in pain and I knew exactly when I would be laughed upon. It is bonding and vibing with strangers till the show is on and then we all go our own ways. Maybe never to meet again. If I was good enough, I will stay in the memories, else I will become an experience.

You can make your own world on stage but you should know how to imagine, you need to learn the trick of living many lives simultaneously, it is possible to  be a king and a pauper at the same time. Loving and hating is easier and simpler. We are allowed to speak the language we enjoy the most. Then comes the time when your stimulated nerve endings calm down. The show is over. All the complexities are over and the curtains are drawn together.

Hence, we sit down with a mug of coffee, contemplating what was good and what went bad. How to improve and what to unlearn. You see, for us as humans unlearning is tougher than learning. This is another important thing I learnt while preparing for being on stage. Now it is time to step down from this dramatic high till we meet next.

It’s time to start spending your time in a way that lights you up. I’m here to help you map out the steps & guide you along the way

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