Public speaking is one of the most important and the most dreaded forms of communication. To face a crowd and speak live is not easy. In the ever so evolving world without communication skill, progress in life is nearly impossible.

In an age as competitive as today’s, it is necessary to know how to face an audience using energy, persuasion, enthusiasm, body language and personality.

Aristotle’s key insight towards public speaking was to always combine, three things: reasoning, credentials and emotion.

After all it is oration that influences decisions and motivates change.

If a speech is considered to be a good speech, it will impact the individuals’ lives whether or not they listened to it directly or not. The words and actions of someone of power can influence the world.

We are committed to achieve all this and more as a team.


Session Takeaways

  • Overcoming the inhibitions to express
  • Talk and present in front of an audience
  • Knowing the importance of speech and body language
  • Learning to switch on and off the verbal and non verbal pattern in your presentation

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